Evolving industries with technology and innovation

Improving the efficiency, quality, safety and productivity of production processes is on our horizon. Count on our solutions.


Engineering and Integration

Solutions to increase the competitiveness of industry from concept to completion.

Panel Manufacturing

Boards and panels assembled to strict quality standards.


Experts in technology and processes to help design Industry 4.0 solutions.


Solutions to increase the competitiveness of industry with digitalization, electricity and automation

We increase the competitiveness of industries with technology and innovation:

  • energy and operational efficiency;
  • optimization of resources;
  • waste reduction
  • operational safety
  • connectivity;
  • integrated automation;
  • process digitalization.
Engineering and processes from concept to completion.
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Our Partners

In order to meet and exceed the quality standards demanded by the market, GreyLogix seeks out partners of excellence worldwide.

Expert Solution Partner Siemens

AVP - ABB Value Provider

System Integrator Rockwell Automation Partner

Evolve to Industry 4.0 with GreyLogix

The use of automation technologies, systems and processes are among the main challenges facing Industry 4.0. 

At GreyLogix, we believe that the fourth industrial revolution is the solution to increasing Brazilian competitiveness through digital technologies. 


Pulp and Paper


Sugar and Alcohol


Turbines and Engines

Power plants




Water and Wastewater


Telecontrol Technologies









How we evolve the industry

GreyLogix specializes in designing, planning and building smart industries. We design projects with intelligent supervision and control systems, safely, responsibly and based on global quality criteria.

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Complete solutions, from conception to project completion. This is GreyLogix’s commitment to its customers and partners. We support industries in designing their projects, taking into account all the impacts right through to execution.

The only way to reduce execution costs is to have the skills and experience to create excellent conceptual engineering.

We offer:

  • Digital Twin.
  • Feasibility analysis.
  • Conceptual engineering.
  • Basic and detailed engineering.
  • Technical specification and definition of standards.
  • Hardware architecture analysis.
  • Analysis of software architectures.
  • Master plan.

We are the largest SIEMENS Solution Partner in Brazil and an official Rockwell Automation and ABB integrator. Our software engineers are specialists in today’s leading automation systems.

We understand the dynamics of factories and their heterogeneous aspects. From there, we train our engineers to integrate the most varied automation systems.

  • Distributed control system (DCS or DCS).
  • PLC/SCADA concept automation system.
  • IIOT, Networks, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Migration of legacy systems.
  • Modern supervisory systems.
  • Integration with IT systems (ERP, MRP, PCP, MES).
  • Parameterization of drives and motion control.

Using the most modern tools on the market and developing integrated processes, GreyLogix works with the most effective Basic Engineering and Detailed Engineering, respecting safety issues, legislation and specific rules for each client.

At GreyLogix’s headquarters in Rio Negro/PR, we have an area of 3000 square meters, with a production capacity of approximately 100 columns per month. 

Our frames and panels are assembled following strict international quality standards, always in accordance with current safety regulations. All the panels manufactured are tested before they reach the customer. A guarantee of trust and commitment to the project.

We work with professionalism and traceability in the logistics of each component, from acquisition to delivery of the panels to the purchasing industry.

  • Power and control panels.
  • Control panel
  • HMI panel.
  • Panel for hazardous areas.
  • SIVACON S8 certification.

Our engineers are on site with the customer to ensure that the plant is operating properly. After completing the electrical installations, the testing phase and the optimization of all the systems, we validate the operating conditions to guarantee automated operation. 

All our technicians and engineers strictly follow the requirements of the applicable regulatory standards. As standard, GreyLogix keeps all documentation and processes up to date to ensure compliance with the requirements of these standards.

With certified project managers, modern management tools and a client-focused team that is always willing to listen and propose improvements through direct and open communication, GreyLogix guarantees a project of excellence from start to finish. 

We are able to deliver projects in the turnkey concept, or EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) and also in the owner’s engineering concept, or EPCM (Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management).


At GreyLogix, as important as delivering a solution is ensuring its operation. We are available to our customers and partners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In addition to assistance, we provide operation and maintenance training to all our customers. These initiatives take place in person, at GreyLogix premises, or at the customer’s plant. We have also extended our distance learning platform, UniLogix – GreyLogix Corporate University.

Special Services

From optimizing the simplest controls to the most complex processes, GreyLogix is at your side.

Motion Control

For applications with a high level of synchronization, positioning and speed control requirements, the use of skilled labor is necessary.

Our employees are certified as Motion & Drives specialists.

BMS (Burner Management Systems)

GreyLogix process and software specialists work to deliver the complete solution in burner safety systems.

NR-10 / NR-12 Compliance

With its own software for risk analysis and technical reports and safety specialists, GreyLogix delivers the complete solution to the client: report, suitability project and plant suitability. In the same vein, we offer distance learning NR-10 courses.

Eletrocenter (e-House)

We design and build electrocenters to deliver complete, modular and modern solutions that are already pre-tested for a "plug & play" installation. Save time and money with our e-houses.

GREYLOGIX, Process Control & Automation

Our story involves courage, determination and focus. In 2005, when industrial automation had few players in Brazil, we went in search of training and models in Germany. Soon, with a clear purpose, enthusiasm and transparency, we began our journey of evolution. 

Since our first international certification, we have remained committed to the industry and to our innovative essence. We are partners with giants such as Siemens, Rockwell and ABB and we continue to look for bigger challenges to be led by our high-performance team.

Our certifications include: ISO 9001:2015; Solution partner Siemens; Sivacon S8 (Siemens); Great Places to Work.

GreyLogix has projects in practically every Brazilian state, as well as dozens of projects in more than 20 countries. We trust in our deliveries and guarantee a relentless process of continuous improvement. We are GreyLogix. Evolving industries with technology and innovation.

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